This symposium is organized to discuss recent technological development in process control and optimization in the field of extraction and processing of metals and materials, both in ferrous and non-ferrous industries. Although distinct from each other, ferrous and nonferrous metals extraction and processing have many aspects of process control, optimization and technology development in common and a shared symposium on these issues should benefit both industries.  The specific topics include but are not limited to: 
    (1) Control and optimization of the feed morphology and composition in processes such as ore sintering, nickel/copper, lead/zinc and aluminium/magnezium smelting and processing; 
    (2) Control and optimization of the chemistry and transport properties of slags, steels, metals, mattes, and aqueous solutions; 
    (3) Control and minimization of refractory degradation ; 
    (4) Control of technologically and environmentally undesirable minor components in product and waste streams; 
    (5) Control of process parameters in iron sintering, blast furnace, casting, electrical furnaces, flash furnace, converters, refining vessels, etc.; 
    (6) Control and optimization in deformation processing (forging, rolling, extrusion, etc.), powder metallurgy, solidification, microstructural development (grain growth, recrystallization), electronic materials, welding, etc.
    (7) Process automation,

    A distinct emphasis will be given to process modeling & simulation and computer applications in both ferrous and non-ferrous industries and to the ways they serve to the process control and optimization of any of the above mentioned processes.