Dear Colleagues,

This TMS and ISS joint symposium is being organized to bring together both ferrous and non-ferrous extraction and processing industries in the field of Process Control and Optimization. In this century of fast computerization and simulation ferrous and nonferrous metals extraction and processing industries, although distinct from each other, have many aspects in common. Process control, optimization and technology development are examples of this common interest. This joint symposium will reflect this overlapping interest and will encourage the exchange of successes, experiences and problems.

The topics of this symposium will focus on a variety of aspects of control, optimization and automation in both iron, steel and non ferrous metal extraction, processing as well as mechanical working.  Specific topics include but are not limited to feed morphology and composition, chemical and transport properties of slags, metals, mattes, etc., minor components, refractory degradation, environmental issues, deformation processes, forging, rolling, extrusion, powder metallurgy, solidification, microstructural development (grain growth, recrystallization), electronic materials, welding and process automation. 

A distinct emphasis will be given to process modeling & simulation and computer applications in both  industries and to the ways they serve to the process control and optimization of any of the above mentioned processes. 

It is proposed that papers be published in a CD or separate hard copy proceeding that will be available at the time of the symposium (the decision is yet to be made). The industrial companies will also have the opportunity to advertise themselves in several ways by sponsoring the symposium through small fees/donations.

The symposium will be held from November 9-12, 2003 in downtown Chicago, Illinois, USA in conjunction with MS&T '03 in the magnificent Hyatt Regency Chicago Hotel. 

We invite you to browse the Symposium Web Site for mores specific information and to participate as an author in this very promising symposium.

Looking forward to meet you in Chicago 

Yours sincerely

Organizers of the symposium

FLOGEN Technologies Inc, 

University of Illinois
at Urbana-Champaign 

Timken Company