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Shechtman International Symposium, Cancun, Mexico, June 29 - July 04 2014 Simulation and Optimization of Ethanol-propanol Distillation Processes
Afrim Dushi1 ; M.Rizaj2 ; Ian McBow3 ; Florian Kongoli 3;
1University of Prishtina, Faculty of Mining and Metallurgy, Kosovo
2Faculty of Mining and Metallurgy, University of Prishtina, Kosovo
3FLOGEN Technologies Inc,1255 Laird Blvd., Ste.388, Mont-Royal, Quebec, Canada

Keywords : simulation, optimization, distillation, design


Simulation and optimization of process parameters of the separation process of ethanol and n-propanol mixtures in a distillation column has been carried out. The effect of number of trays, reflux and feed tray position on the degree of separation and energy consumption in the boiler and condenser have been quantified. The optimum parameters were subsequently found for efficient operation of the distillation process using the method of full factorial design of second order (FFD) and the desirability function method.

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