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Sustainable Industrial Processing Summit SIPS 2015 Role of Science on Sustainability: Diagnostic and Strongly Remedial (Contributed), Kongoli F, Kozlov P, Tsymbulov L, Fedorov A, Shumskiy V, FLOGEN Star Outreach, 2015, Volume 5, 3-4
Florian Kongoli 1 ;
1FLOGEN Technologies Inc,1255 Laird Blvd., Ste.388, Mont-Royal, Quebec, Canada


The role of science, technology and engineering has been mostly overlooked in the last 25 years in the social and political debates related to sustainability, environmental protection and climate change. The attention has been placed on almost anything such as social awareness, economy, management, education, etc. – all of which are important - but rarely on science, technology and engineering as one of the most important factors in this area. Recently, the role of science has been given credit only for its diagnostic role in pointing out and demonstrating the numerous issues facing the environment and climate change in the 21st century. The science is positively referred only for showing the problems and from that moment the ball (recognition) stops rolling. Although it is a very good to credit science, technology and engineering for their diagnostic role this is just only the half of their role. The other and most important part is left hiding. In this plenary lecture the role of science, technology and engineering is shown and analysed equally in both of its important accepts: diagnostic and remedial. Science has rightfully made a proper diagnosis of numerous issues that the planet faces today in terms of environment and climate change, however science and technology are much more important for their strong remedial role: finding and applying scientific and new technological solutions to effectively solve the issues of sustainability and climate change. As such, the case is made that investment in scientific and technology research is the best short and long term solution to sustainability issues we face today.

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