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December 2011

Fray International Symposium


FLOGEN successfully organized the major Fray International Symposium, dedicated to life achievement of Prof. Fray, Cambridge University UK. It was held in Cancun, Mexico 27 November to 1 December 2011.
This was a record breaking symposium in its class:

In attendance were major political figures from politics, industrial companies and university education from all over the world. Some of them were Awarded Fray International Sustainability Award.
The Report of the symposium can be found at:
and more information at the symposium web site at

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Meetings with leaders of industry and academia

Dr. Florian Kongoli had the occasion to meet with various leaders of industrial companies. A non-inclusive list is given below:

Dr. Florian Kongoli with Manuel Ramos. President of Asarco, USA

Dr. Florian Kongoli with Mark Caffarey, Vice-President, Umicore, Belgium/USA

Dr. Florian Kongoli with Wojciech Kedzia, Vice-President, KGHM, Poland

Dr. Florian Kongoli with Nobu Takamatsu, General Director, Nippon Steel Corporation Japan

Dr. Florian Kongoli with Hans-Peter Behrendt, Berzelius Metal, Germany

Dr. Florian Kongoli with Takashi Nakamura, President. MMIJ, Japan

Dr. Florian Kongoli with Cyro Takano, University of Sao Paolo

Dr. Florian Kongoli with Yoshio Waseda, Tohoku University, Japan

Dr. Florian Kongoli with K.T. Jacob, Indian Institute of Science, India

Dr. Florian Kongoli with Martin-Pech Canul, CIVESTAV, Mexico

Dr. Florian Kongoli with Mario Sanchez, University of Conception, Chile

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